martedì, maggio 31, 2005

Blogging EU failure

These days seem so bad. I guess most is related to the EU referendum in French and to the question "what's next". Whatever is your opinion about THIS constitution I've always thought that to build something you have at least to start. By the way I'm still working on the paper about VideoBlog and I'm analysing a short interview I had with Ryanne. There's something very interesting in these quotations I quickly realized that television, as a tool, was not effectively able to initiate a two way conversation between audience and creator. ... and later.... I believe that as videoblogging becomes more widespread, a more diverse group of voices will be heard throughout the world. It seems to me that (video)blogs could be read as part of some kind of "continuous discourse" made by (video)bloggers. I'll keep on working.

mercoledì, maggio 25, 2005

Why we(?) VideoBlog

I'm working on a paper about videoblogging. The paper will be presented in June during a workshop in Campobasso (Italy). I actually found Vlog more interesting than "common" Blogs. Maybe that's because videos requires more time to be prepared compared to normal text-posts. What happens during this time? What's the editing process for a videoblogger? We all (I'm 26 years old) are child of the television era, and videobloggers acts like "one-man channel". But what about their "viewers"? Are viewers opinion take in consideration during the video making process? If people is becoming media... how they represent their own audience? I'm going to interview Ryanne Hodson and Michael Verdi founders of FreeVlog is a fantastic site zealot to VLog and seems to me the right place to start.

venerdì, maggio 20, 2005

Is Star Wars a movie?

I realized that writing about what's buzzing on the net is a good strategy to catch new readers (at least those who come from google). What happen between someone who has a blog and his (supposed) audience is something quite interesting. By the way I wasn't at E3 so I can report on PS3, XBox360 or Nintendo Revolution... but I was on theater last night to see the New Star Wars Movie (some interesting post on the movie here here and here). The movie was good, the best of the new trilogy but what I feel is that it's wrong to observe those movies using classical movie critic tools. What we should look here is how much the "saga-experience" is realized. From this point of view The revenge of the Sith is absolutely great: the ability to link new and old was great! The birth of Darth Vader... the exile of Yoda and the great scene when Obi One brings Luke to Tatoine. Great emotional experience. Who care about the movie?
ps. the italian translation is really bad.

mercoledì, maggio 11, 2005

Google Will Buy Itself

I'm definitely in love with this project. GWEI (Google will eat itself) is based on this simple Idea: Each time someone clicks one of the Google text-ads, GWEI receives a micropayment, which will be invested in Google shares, meaning that Google will slowly be bought via its own advertisement-system. The same mechanism that's behind Google success is being used "against" Google. It is possible to reduce Google to some kind of click-generated system (What's the ranking system if not a click generated system?), and what's better of a click centered mechanism to get the control of it?

lunedì, maggio 09, 2005

no longer Godgle?

This morning reading the feeds I found interesting this quick post made by Dan Gillmor where he explains some concerns about Google's last services. I'm quite happy about thate because for a while Google seemed to be untouchable. I've always felt unconfortable with Google. Those guys where absolutely great working on that search engine... but they have definitely too much power. What's behind Google is a very simple idea: we are the web. So what's wrong whit that? I find two different problems: first of all the algorithm that ranks the pages is unknown, that means that using Google we see a "picture of the web" that we don't know how is draw. The second problem is related to what is becoming the web. The web seems, every day more, the place where we search information about the real world (eg. where is the nearest pizzeria?)... well Google is even more the place where we look for everything. What I feel is that we are going to know the world trough an algorithm owned by someone else.