venerdì, maggio 20, 2005

Is Star Wars a movie?

I realized that writing about what's buzzing on the net is a good strategy to catch new readers (at least those who come from google). What happen between someone who has a blog and his (supposed) audience is something quite interesting. By the way I wasn't at E3 so I can report on PS3, XBox360 or Nintendo Revolution... but I was on theater last night to see the New Star Wars Movie (some interesting post on the movie here here and here). The movie was good, the best of the new trilogy but what I feel is that it's wrong to observe those movies using classical movie critic tools. What we should look here is how much the "saga-experience" is realized. From this point of view The revenge of the Sith is absolutely great: the ability to link new and old was great! The birth of Darth Vader... the exile of Yoda and the great scene when Obi One brings Luke to Tatoine. Great emotional experience. Who care about the movie?
ps. the italian translation is really bad.