venerdì, aprile 29, 2005

TRex in London

Finally Ourmedia published my video. Sorry for the bad quality... my camera has no audio-in and at the Natual Nistory was very dark. By the way I loved so much this TRex that I decided to post it anyway. I hope you'll understand...I used to dream about Dinosaurs when I was a children.

mercoledì, aprile 27, 2005

WC in Milan

I love this picture that Mayamai took in Milan. We are no more passive image-viewers, but we're image creator (or manipulator). That's quite obvious, but now every image seems to be ready to be modified.

martedì, aprile 26, 2005

BlogWalk 7.0

Sebastian Fiedler post the date of the next BlogWalk. BlogWalk 7.0 will take place on 20th May in Mechelen, Belgium. I think BlogWalk could be great opportunity to focus what's happening to the blogoshpere. Topic of BlogWalk 7.0 will be "Civic journalism".

giovedì, aprile 21, 2005

going to london

Going to London for a couple of days. Any ideas about something I shouldn't miss? I've already been there twice so this time I'll visit the Tate modern and go shopping around. Suggestions are welcome.

lunedì, aprile 18, 2005

Physiognomy of Blogs

I'm reading "New Media, 1740-1915" (Ed. by L. Gitelman and G.B. Pingree) and I find it really amazing. I find really interesting Wendy Bellion essay "Head of State: Profiles and Politics in Jeffersonian America". Even if I have some doubt about the relation between political crisis of representative system and technologies of representation (at least in such a direct way) I was really fascinated by the physiognotrace. "Peale consistently decribed the profiles [obtained using the physiognotrace] as "perfectly correct" resemblances and attributed this quality to the procedures of self-operation and mechanical circumscription" Physiognotraces were machines used to self-draw the head silhouette using some kind of modified pantograph. What I find interesting is that the idea of correctness, likeness and accuracy seems to be granted from the autonomous use of technology. Technology can lie only if it's used by someone else. Once you can control technological mediation, technology is "innocent" and can be used to tell the truth. There's something that reming me how blogs are sometimes perceived.

mercoledì, aprile 13, 2005

private/public images

Fabio Giglietto posted on the Media-mondo blog (only italian) something that sounds very interesting to me. He searched on flickr images about the Pope that recently died. Maybe you should know that during the funerals TVs show hundreds people taking picture of the body whit everything you could imagine (photo camera, mobile phone, video camera...). Fabio searched pictures using this tags: pope; papa; johnpaulii; karol; wojtyla - and he founded only few images. That's really strange. He suggest that usually pictures has a relational value (you take picture to show/share something with your friends) and I partially agree. By the way picture are, nowadays, the main medium we use to define our memory. From this point of view pictures are taken for an personal usage: to remember ourself our history-memory. So there seems to be a double layer to observe flickr: the public/relational and the private/intimate.

lunedì, aprile 11, 2005

how to recharge yourself

I spent the weekend in a Design-hotel in Cattolica (Italy). Sleeping... walking on the beach... sleeping.. walking in the rain... sleeping, and sleeping again. Not so bad.

sabato, aprile 09, 2005


Memorymaps is a great idea. The idea is to take a satelitte image of your neighborhood from your childhood, and use "notes" to tell the story of you growing up. Really interesting is how self observation is changing. To tell our story we choose now satellite images that are some kind of "non human images". We (usually) never saw our town from the sky but we choose this perspective to tell our story. Our story/town/world observed.

giovedì, aprile 07, 2005

On Mathemagenic there is a very interesting couple of post (well.. the whole blog is superb) that could be really useful if you're working on online ethnography or on blog identity, media production and so on. All this stuff? Yes, I guess that blogs nowadays seems to be such an interesting place to observe social dynamics and people's self observation because we are facing the extreme consequences of the mass media system. Obviously all of you are thinking that there is nothing so far to mass media than Blogging our personal life; well that's true, but if we are able to blog our life we have to thank the mass media system. That's not about technological availability. Experience reality trough mass media give us the opportunity to develop some kind of second order observation capability. Watching TV we are not watching the world, we are watching someone's observations about the world. And the most fascinating thing is that we know that. Well blogging is an extreme consequence of that, bloggers are simply producing media where they could practice a second order observation upon their own life. We actually working on this idea... far away(?) from my original Ph.D. project but really fascinating.