mercoledì, maggio 25, 2005

Why we(?) VideoBlog

I'm working on a paper about videoblogging. The paper will be presented in June during a workshop in Campobasso (Italy). I actually found Vlog more interesting than "common" Blogs. Maybe that's because videos requires more time to be prepared compared to normal text-posts. What happens during this time? What's the editing process for a videoblogger? We all (I'm 26 years old) are child of the television era, and videobloggers acts like "one-man channel". But what about their "viewers"? Are viewers opinion take in consideration during the video making process? If people is becoming media... how they represent their own audience? I'm going to interview Ryanne Hodson and Michael Verdi founders of FreeVlog is a fantastic site zealot to VLog and seems to me the right place to start.


At 5/25/2005 07:45:00 PM, Blogger Marika said...

Messy comment coming up: I think you're right focusing upon perceptions of audiences. Blogging to me is a lot about writing to myself. Mpfh, I was going to say that a vlog-post to me would have been much more about communicating with an audience. But then I figured this might not be the case after all... Like, I guess I'm a rather avid audience of the photos I publish. But. I don't know. I'm sort of not that interested in vlog-posts that are entirely made up of talking heads. Which means I want people to go out and make stories and not just talk? Good luck with your paper :-)


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