giovedì, giugno 30, 2005

Jhon Edwards videoblog

Obviously I had no excuses. Sure I've been really busy with life, university work, summer's coming, and various stuff. I'm still thinking about videoblog. I guess that this will be reminded as the videoblog's summer. VLogs seem to have been accepted as a fully qualified media language also from the political system. Jhon Edwards started a videoblog. What's behind? Maybe nothing but however is interesting notice how fast videoblogging has become a place for political debate. Take a look at this elder women posting a video question to Jhon Edwards. She's simply great... I can hardly imagine the same thing here in Italy.

giovedì, giugno 23, 2005


What's the right theoretical background to approach (new) media studies? What's a theoretical background for? Last week I was in a Conference in Campobasso and between the remarks I (better: we) received some focused on the absence of "quotation" in my speech. Of course I have a theoretical approach! I guess that Social System Theory could, at least, be defined this way! But is it really necessary to declare our approach every time? I think that theories (all kind of theories) are no more than useful tools. I might be wrong.

giovedì, giugno 16, 2005

BlogWalk 9.0

BlogWalk 9.0 is coming. The Blogwalk salon will be on June 25 in Innsbruck, Austria. The conversational topic is Personal Stories, Collective Histories so it could be interesting to many of you. As you may know BlogWalk Salons are invitation only events, so if you think you have something to say and you should be invited you should get in contact with one initiator .

martedì, giugno 07, 2005

Complexity, Science & Society Conference

I'm going to present a paper at the Complexity, Science & Society Conference . [here the short abstract]My presentation will be in the "Law" section coordinated by Joseph Savirimuthu. The paper is about the relationship between the property institution (the way we own things and the way owning is perceived from the social system) and technologies of communication. The main assumption is that there is a co-evolution between media and property. I'll try to identify a distinctive practice of owning for every media-era from the common property of primitives communities to shared property (open source, creative commons licences...) of (post)modern age.