lunedì, maggio 09, 2005

no longer Godgle?

This morning reading the feeds I found interesting this quick post made by Dan Gillmor where he explains some concerns about Google's last services. I'm quite happy about thate because for a while Google seemed to be untouchable. I've always felt unconfortable with Google. Those guys where absolutely great working on that search engine... but they have definitely too much power. What's behind Google is a very simple idea: we are the web. So what's wrong whit that? I find two different problems: first of all the algorithm that ranks the pages is unknown, that means that using Google we see a "picture of the web" that we don't know how is draw. The second problem is related to what is becoming the web. The web seems, every day more, the place where we search information about the real world (eg. where is the nearest pizzeria?)... well Google is even more the place where we look for everything. What I feel is that we are going to know the world trough an algorithm owned by someone else.


At 5/09/2005 11:01:00 PM, Anonymous nourdine said...

hey man. I'm sure you have found my url in marika's blog, haven't you? it's quite cool that she linked me ... I mean, I didn't know I could be so interesting even for a norwegian PHD interested in media, internet, comunication on the internet and stuff like that. there must be some aspects of me I haven't discovered yet! by the way ... near venice. near venice man. but not that near


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