martedì, agosto 09, 2005

blogging your own suicide

Luca K. (fake name as we are going to discover) few month ago started a blog to describe his own suicide (the title of the blog 'prima di partire' means "before leaving"). On July 12th Ciro (aka Luca K.) died. He jumped off from a bridge near Milan. He posted on his blog after his death using a well konwed feature of wordpress. Hundreds people commented the suicide, some claiming that it was just a fake, others wanted simply to say goodbye. Well, Ciro really died (it was on the newspaper some days later...) but that's not the point. I'm not cynical or something, but what I really would like to understand is why someone needs an audience to die? Ciro's story really shows how bloggers are simply looking for an audience. Ciro said "I started blogging my suicide because I wanted to make a show, and to tell to you my story". Are we really becoming some kind of "one-man-story"?