martedì, giugno 07, 2005

Complexity, Science & Society Conference

I'm going to present a paper at the Complexity, Science & Society Conference . [here the short abstract]My presentation will be in the "Law" section coordinated by Joseph Savirimuthu. The paper is about the relationship between the property institution (the way we own things and the way owning is perceived from the social system) and technologies of communication. The main assumption is that there is a co-evolution between media and property. I'll try to identify a distinctive practice of owning for every media-era from the common property of primitives communities to shared property (open source, creative commons licences...) of (post)modern age.


At 6/08/2005 09:47:00 AM, Anonymous nourdine!!! said...

hey ... do you know what I am doing right now? hahaha ... it's fun! I'm tranlsating the texts of the video tutorial of free vlog in italian! I talked to ryanne a few days ago and she said to me she would really appreciate that. So in these days me and some friends (theatre actors) have been dubbing all that stuff and send back the file to the 2 funny new yorkers! I love doing things just 4 the joy they bring!

At 6/08/2005 01:02:00 PM, Anonymous nourdine said...

it also quite funny that, when I over-read the comments I have just posted, I always find some terrible mistakes! Sorry guys .. sometimes my brain is seriously fucked up


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