martedì, settembre 06, 2005

observing the observer

I've just discovered flickr group about Panopticon. That's something really cool for many reason. First of all it's some kind of grass-root observation of the observer. So the question is who is observing who? On the other side I'm always been impressed by Flickr groups, it seems to me that group's pool are places where you can observe some kind of visual semantic (or at least the visualisation of the semantic) born around a specific topic/item/word. You can get it easily looking at the tags that are related to the panopticon group. Tag observation give us some interesting suggestion about where the phenomenon is perceived (most in the US) and about what feelings are related to this: for example security and surveillance seem to be more linked than spy and privacy. think about that.


At 9/08/2005 10:06:00 AM, Blogger QueenMab said...

great discovering! I've visited the group and the first post is about an italian video called "Videocamere contro il controllo". Interesting to see how people can react to this kind of global control. But, I'm asking myself, if we're producing only tv programs like The Big Brother, how can we pretend privacy in everyday life? Aren't be the first ones enjoying violating privacy?


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