giovedì, aprile 07, 2005

On Mathemagenic there is a very interesting couple of post (well.. the whole blog is superb) that could be really useful if you're working on online ethnography or on blog identity, media production and so on. All this stuff? Yes, I guess that blogs nowadays seems to be such an interesting place to observe social dynamics and people's self observation because we are facing the extreme consequences of the mass media system. Obviously all of you are thinking that there is nothing so far to mass media than Blogging our personal life; well that's true, but if we are able to blog our life we have to thank the mass media system. That's not about technological availability. Experience reality trough mass media give us the opportunity to develop some kind of second order observation capability. Watching TV we are not watching the world, we are watching someone's observations about the world. And the most fascinating thing is that we know that. Well blogging is an extreme consequence of that, bloggers are simply producing media where they could practice a second order observation upon their own life. We actually working on this idea... far away(?) from my original Ph.D. project but really fascinating.