mercoledì, aprile 13, 2005

private/public images

Fabio Giglietto posted on the Media-mondo blog (only italian) something that sounds very interesting to me. He searched on flickr images about the Pope that recently died. Maybe you should know that during the funerals TVs show hundreds people taking picture of the body whit everything you could imagine (photo camera, mobile phone, video camera...). Fabio searched pictures using this tags: pope; papa; johnpaulii; karol; wojtyla - and he founded only few images. That's really strange. He suggest that usually pictures has a relational value (you take picture to show/share something with your friends) and I partially agree. By the way picture are, nowadays, the main medium we use to define our memory. From this point of view pictures are taken for an personal usage: to remember ourself our history-memory. So there seems to be a double layer to observe flickr: the public/relational and the private/intimate.