mercoledì, ottobre 05, 2005

(not so creative) commons

I've always been against the copyright on the net. Especially when you manage culture and research I feel like there have to be a moral duty to share for free your thoughts. This is my idea of how Academia should be, a free and continuous exchange of knowledge. From this point of view to report sources, to quote them, to use the proper references is in some way far more important. There is no need to claim for other's idea, what we can do is just start from other's final conclusions to reach our owns. Obviously this is an optimistic perspective but I thought that in new media studies this kind of principles where quite widely accepted. So I felt very uncomfortable this afternoon when I discovered (with my friend FG) that a widely used (here in Italy) University Book about New Media "Introduzione alla Comunicazione Mediata dal Computer" (Introduction to Computer Mediated Communication) by Antonio Roversi (a widely known italian professor of Sociology of Communication) is incredibly similar in some part to an article from Roberta Bartoletti published on Sociologia della Comunicazione (an italian journal of Sociology of Communication). The article from Roberta Bartoletti has been published in 2000 and the book from Roversi in 2004. If you would like to understand what I mean with similar you can observe several pages compared in FG blog.


At 10/12/2005 02:20:00 PM, Blogger Marika said...

Not even with references to the 2000-article? Word-by-word similarities, peculiar.


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