giovedì, dicembre 15, 2005

success 2.0 sites

It seems that Web 2.0 has become adult. I saw on digg (I digged?) an interesting link to a Mark Millerton article that argues that times has come to stop wowing about everything is 2.0 and to start saying who's really innovating in this field. First 3 are ranked : TravBuddy; Rollyo and TagCloud. All these services are great especially because are a true attempt to make something new using two main forces that are growing with web 2.0 technologies: the power of relations and the "want to be media" phenomena. Travbuddy offer you the opportunity to be a travel journalist...and to offer you "travelogue" linking together something that you like (traveling) to the opportunity to establish social relations. Rollyo and tagclouds are in some way very ambitious projects but are a true attempt to redefine a what search engine are going to be in next years... yes Google (at least as we see it today) won't stand forever.


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