lunedì, novembre 14, 2005

director of warcraft

I'm jiggling with this post too long. Since I've started playing World of Warcraft I had the feeling that Massive Online gaming is a great place to observe social phenomena (especially if they are linked with new media). Obviously World of Warcraft is also damn funny... Anyway to role playing online is not such a new thing so I've always decided to skip on this post. What's changed? Well thanks to Jill I've discovered that represent what a videogames can be in the "we the media" age. The basic idea is to use the graphic engine of World of Warcraft to realise GC movies scripted and directed by the "players". This is a strong sign of how every expressive possibility offered by new media is now used to create some kind of content, to tell stories, to became media. In fact blogs, videoblogs, podcasts and warcraftmovies are all part of the same cultural wave. ps: every movie genre is represented in warcraft movie, laste week was released the first Erotic/Porn movie.