martedì, novembre 08, 2005

dans les banlieus de Google

Banlieu is nowadays one of the top searched word in Google.

Jean Véronis pointed out that if you search "Banlieu" in Google France you'll find a "Sponsored Link from UMP (Union pour un Mouvement Populaire) that ask you to support Nicolas Sarkozy's politics. That's quite interesting because the main force that is used here to obtain people attention is their own research for information. Probably during next years all political campaigns will be tuned just in time to match "people's searches". just a curiosity: If you go further looking at the Banlieu results page you'll find on the top of the list Mahnparis Banlieu Blog, "life and cooking in a Paris suburb". I'm sure you'll find delicious receipts in that Blog, but I feel that the main reason 'cause it's ranked #1 is related to the search for information about what's happening in Paris suburbs. Maybe "Banlieu Blog" leads people to think about firs hand information where you'll find just hand made cakes.