giovedì, marzo 30, 2006

IVSA conference in Urbino

The annual conference of the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA) will take place here in Urbino - University "Carlo Bo" on July 3rd 4th and 5th. Main topic of the conference is "Eyes on the City" trying to keep together the Visual methodology with the Urban Sociology. Quite far from my personal field of interests. Never-less watching at the list of sessions I've found two "non topic related sessions" that seems to be quite interesting: Theoretical and Methodological Issues of Visual Research and Visual Methods: New Approaches and Possibilities. I decided to keep working on the idea of visual semantic (I've posted about this topic before) and to submit an abstract about how it's possible to use flickr in viusal sociology research. I still have several doubts about this concept of visual semantic, but maybe the better way to solve them is to work on this concept and to share it with as many people as I can.