giovedì, marzo 23, 2006

Gen M

Time Magazine cover story is about "Multitasking Kids". How will learn and act kids that are user to carry on several IM conversation, watch MTv, download files and listen to their mp3 all at the same time? As usual "Scientists" are split in two between "that's all good" and " that's all bad", what's funny here is that now we've got a name for the phenomena: Gen M (I suppose that M is for Multitaskink). By the way, we noticed the problem some time ago when we conduced a research project on students attending lectures with their own notebooks. here you can fine a short abstract of the research results.


At 3/25/2006 10:10:00 PM, Blogger Marika said...

Thanks for the tip Luca! I quite enjoyed the article, they have even talked to Sherry Turkle, cool. You can read the whole cover story online if you agree to watch a Lufthansa-ad first.


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